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Adults Should Have Their Eyes Examined Every Year

Regular eye exams are a vital tool in enjoying a high quality of life. Most forms of vision loss cannot be reversed- only prevented. Our comprehensive eye exams ensure that we stay on top of your ocular health.

A couple of hours per year, including the time it takes to drive to our location, is all that is required to ensure the best quality of vision possible.

The benefits of regular eye exams are numerous, but we think the most important is that it is the only real tool we have to safeguard our eyesight. When it comes to vision loss, it can only be prevented. Once vision loss has occurred, it is generally permanent.

Thanks to our extensive use of modern technology, our eye exams are completely non-invasive and are not painful. We get accurate results faster than ever before thanks to advanced diagnostic and imaging equipment.

Our practice is known as innovators in the eye care space due to our adoption and advanced technologies that aid us in diagnosing and treating various eye conditions.

Equipment like the Optos Wide Field Retinal Camera and the Spectralis OCT enable us to have a detailed look at the health of your eye and optic nerve, giving us the information needed to determine your overall eye health.

This equipment lets us monitor the development and progression of many eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

The TRS-5100 generates extremely accurate and reliable results, offering patients a glasses prescription using 100% digital instrumentation.

In many people, eye diseases like glaucoma initially develop without obvious pain or vision changes. This means that your vision has often been altered by the time you take notice.

Regular eye exams detect these diseases in their infancy. This lets us treat them early, usually halting and preventing further vision loss.

We take the inconvenience out of the paperwork. We will work with your insurance company directly, saving you time and hassle.

What to Expect During Your Eye Exam

Diagnostic Tests
The first part of your eye exam is diagnostic testing. This is usually performed by an optometric assistant, and generally takes under 10 minutes. We will walk you through what to expect each test and what we are looking for. This information will be provided to the Optometrist as soon as the testing is complete. These tests measure visual acuity across your field of vision. Our retinal imaging tests will provide us a very clear picture of your retina, highlighting any changes to your eye health that may impact your vision.
Further Testing & Prescription Confirmation
After the diagnostic tests are complete, you will meet with either Dr. Mike or Dr. Amy. During this meeting we will review the results of the tests and go over any changes to your eye health. We will also confirm your eyeglass prescription (if relevant).During this meeting we invite you to discuss any concerns you may have. As partners in your ocular health, we want to ensure that we are providing the best possible care. If there’s something on your mind, please know that we are here to listen.
Follow Up or Additional Testing (If Required)
In most cases, no further diagnostic tests are required. In some cases, additional tests or a referral to a specialist may be required. In the case of a specialist, we will promptly provide a referral to get the process started. Specialized exams, such as eye exams for people with diabetes or for people wanting a laser refractive surgery consultation, will have more tests compared to a regular eye exam.

Our Reviews

  • My first time at the optometrist, and I couldn't recommend Lakeside Vision any higher. Everyone from the moment I walked in until the time I left made me feel at ease. I waited basically no time despite a very busy office. Everyone explained everything to me very well. I will mostly definitely return and recommend this location to my friends and family.

    Eric S.

  • Loved everyone from start to finish. The doctor and staff are very knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. The location is easy to get to, and the office is very warm and inviting. Would highly recommend Lakeside Vision to anyone.

    Dawn M.

  • One of the best offices I have ever been to in Pennsylvania. Great staff that is supported by great doctors. If you are looking for an eye doctor then I highly recommend lakeside vision!

    Edwin R.

  • My husband had his first appointment yesterday, and was very pleased with the services provided. The staff were knowledgeable and very friendly! Our son had been the first to visit the office last year. Thanks for another great experience! It's obvious that this office takes the time to educate their staff about quality care!

    Douglas H.

  • I was taken care of wonderfully. I was made to understand everything that was done and what the reason was needed. My vision problems were summed up for me and the glasses were ordered for me to correct the problems with my vision. I am very happy that we are back with Lakeside Vision.

    Roger R.

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