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Five Ways To Reduce Eye Irritation

Eye irritation can be extremely bothersome and frustrating. Between pain, irritation, or itching in our eyes, it can be almost unbearable. This is especially true in winter, when the air is driest and the conditions for seasonal dry eye are ripe. As such, we took the liberty of putting together…

Published: 2017-02-07Read Article
Three Signs That You May Be Developing an Eye Disease

Before you panic, we’re not scaremongering and trying to convince you that you’re unwell! The fact is that people will often ignore or gloss over minor symptoms which could in fact be indicative of an underlying illness. We want to help. We’ll discuss three of the most common symptoms which…

Published: 2016-12-01Read Article
How EnChroma Lenses Convinced Steve That Teal & Pink Are Real Colors

In a grade 12 biology classroom sometime in 2003, a young and spritely guy named Steve was learning about genetic traits. Over the past several days, Steve had learned about benign things that were unique to the individual: how much mid-digital hair someone had, or why people have different lengths…

Published: 2016-11-03Read Article
Dry Eye

About Dry Eye Dry eye is the result of your body not being able to properly lubricate your eyes. This is due to either your eye not producing enough tears, or the tears that are produced by your eye being of low quality. Dry eye can be intermittent or persistent,…

Published: 2016-05-18Read Article
Allergies (Red, Itchy, Burning Eyes?)

About Ocular Allergies For many people, the changing of seasons is not only marked by a change in weather, but also in the development of eye allergy symptoms. If you’re a sufferer of seasonal allergies, you know the feeling all too well: red, puffy, watery eyes that seem to itch…

Published: 2016-05-18Read Article